More than Human - Seattle Mermaid Photographer

What an honor to watch these beautiful strong females to morph into something more than human. Watch with me…..

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Escape to the Coast - Cannon Beach Oregon Photographer

“Escape to the Coast” was a photography retreat hosted by Teresa Vic, She had some wonderful hosts as well. Julie G Photography and Kristy at My Artistic Journey(obsessed) were great! Thank you ladies!

I had been following Teresa for a few years … and she was the reason why I was there, the rest was a bonus! I got to bring my own model on the trip so that was AMAZING thank you ALEXANDRA you are a DOLL.

AND - I also got to sneak in two photo shoots on my own outside of the retreat time. This first photo was a mini 15 minute session on the beach- that was cut short by a storm - but this is one of my favorite images I have ever made of all time. Cheers to last minute spontaneous shooting.

I feel so lucky to have met a few other amazing inspiring photographers as well. This is what I need. BAD.

Ali Limon empowers woman and is a natural artist and teacher.

Wit and Whimsey Creative takes family photos that speak to my soul.

Flint and Feather Photography - her work is STUNNING and I want to be her new best friend.

I now realize there are too many to list! But this trip was inspiring and somehow changed me. Not sure how yet……

Seattle fine art photography

Canon Beach Oregon
Oregon Photographer
Oregon photographer
Seattle fine art photography
Oregon Coast
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Steph Pate was my roomie and a total sweetie. Also a talented artist- check it out.

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This beauty has a killer shop for kids clothes! FORD AND WYATT

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Destination wedding photographer

April C Photo thank you for being my model for a minute and blessing the world with your beautiful images.

Ghost World - Seattle Fine Art Photographer

“The more unknowable the mystery, the more beautiful it is.”

David Lynch

I am so happy this shoot came together the way it did. We had originally envisioned one ghost sister in white and one in black, and we loved this look so much we saved that other idea for another shoot (stay tuned) The girls did their own make up which was AMAZING. We used these wigs they bought for this shoot - and a couple of dresses and dead things from my closet- and then we stepped out onto the ghost world.


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Healing in Iceland - Seattle and Iceland Photographer

What can I even say about this trip to Iceland?

Magical. Mystical. I felt more alive and creative there. Many epiphany’s were had during this visit. Too many to list, so I will just bomb you with photos from the trip instead.

Northern Lights Iceland
Icelandic horse
Iceland Photographer
Iceland Photography
Seattle Artist
Iceland Photo shoot
Iceland Photographer
Seattle fine art photographer
Iceland Adventure
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Sedona Arizona and the Superstition Mountains

I took a quick trip to Sedona, Arizona for a few days to visit a friend and make some art. I didn’t pack much but a few dresses with my gear on the plane, so we headed to Clear Creek Trading post to grab a few items for the shoot, and for my friends new house.

I also needed to to go see the Superstition Mountains - I stayed in Mesa for two nights. Before my quick photo shoot, I hit the old Goldfield Ghost Town across the way and bought some jewelry. It was really interesting, but I love that kind of stuff. I’m a sucker for anything old.

And then I hopped on a horse for a guided horseback ride through the foothills. HEAVEN!

I really didn’t have time to hike on this trip, so I met an old friend at Lost Dutchman State Park and we had about 30 minutes to shoot at sunset. A coyote walked by and took pause.

sedona arizona photoshoot
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sedona arizona photographer
Arizona Photographer
Sedona Photographer
Arizona Photographer
Lost Dutchman State Park Photography
Mesa Arizona Photographer
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Destination wedding photographer

The Queen Astray. Rattlesnake Ledge Washington

Is she lost or did she run away? What is she running from? Is she searching freedom from the confines of her world?

I love working with Alexandra. Shes energetic, fun, she brings so much energy to the room. I actually considered her somewhat of a friend right after our first shoot.

For this one, we climbed above Rattlesnake Lake to Rattlesnake Ledge and shot for maybe 30 minutes. IT WAS FREEZING! The drive is just 45 minutes from Seattle, and the hike is an hour up. The hike, although only an hour, is relatively painful. For real it sounds easy but it is a punisher- I love it!

We imagined she had escaped from the confines of marriage and a place that would not let her be free and grow as a woman.

Seattle Photographer
rattlesnake lake
North Bend Washington Photographer
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Franklin Falls Washington, Surreal and Styled Couples Shoot

So I decided that I must do a styled couples shoot so that I can inspire others some idea on how I love to do shoot. I chose these two kick ass people to model for me. Celeste, an experienced model and friend, and cute talented musician Zach, who never had ever a professional photo shoot before this. Challenge accepted! We left Seattle at 6 am to beat any potential crowds and headed up to Franklin Falls.

Hunt & Hammer Vintage Clothing! I love you for helping me style this shoot with this dress and Zach’s clothes.

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PNW Photographer
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Franklin Falls Engagement

L.A actress meets Seattle Photographer for a conceptual shoot at Rattlesnake Lake, Washington

Sheila Houlahan has been seen on stage and screen around the world. Her most notable credits include performing the music of A. R. Rahman with the Seattle Symphony as the headliner female vocal soloist for the Celebrate Asia!  Pretty amazing right? Well I get to work with her from time to time when she is visiting from L.A. to Seattle.

Here is what we did last time…..

This is the story of the Wandering Pagan.

Rattlesnake Lake Surreal Photoshoot
fine art photographer
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L.A. actress photoshoot
rattlesnake lake photo shoot
Sheila Houlahan

Tacoma model and jewelry artist makes my heart skip a beat

This Tacoma based Jewelry Artist just blew my mind on her web page Squirrel Vs Coyote manifesto so I will just show you the quote and you can feel the love as well. Also I would love to share with you some of the images we have made together to showcase her art, and mine. Forces Combined, along side talented make up artist Codee Bradley (check out her insta!)

Squirrel Vs Coyote Manifesto:

“We’ve been drafted to fight in a war between good and evil. 

We’re not just the army, we’re the fight itself. We’re the people of color. The women. The non-binary. The queer. The immigrants. The assault survivors. The disabled. The environmental advocates. And we’re currently fighting for our lives.

But if we have to go to war, we’re not going unprotected.

We’re going dressed in chainmaille. Draped in metal plates with two words stamped deep: “Fuck. You.” A message to our enemies and a reminder to ourselves: the rage we’ve directed inward is being returned to its rightful owner. We’re entering the arena wearing headdresses made of scales. Revealing to our opponents that when they called us snakes, they created dragons.

Despite this display, it will be our enduring humanity that disarms our rivals most. Our radical authenticity that exposes them as cowards. Unyielding self-respect that reclaims our authority.

It's more than a simple accessory. We're empowering soldiers.”

I love this and I also love that Alexis won a spot in Beautiful Bizarre Magazines top 100 wearable art designers

What an honor to work with this crew! I pinch myself.

Seattle conceptual photo shoot
seattle model photographer
squirrel vs coyote jewelry
seattle fashion photographer
Tacoma fashion photography
tacoma photographer
Seattle fashion photographer
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Lake Tipsoo Washington Photo shoot

On our drive to Lake Tipsoo in the glorious Mt. Rainier national park, we talked of the world coming to an end. Sounds dismal, right?

We believe in climate change, animal rights, the beauty of nature. This shoot was a cry for help. Stop the man from taking you away from us.

lake tipsoo washington
dawndra budd photography
Mt. Rainier Photo shoot
lake tipsoo washington
dawndra budd
mt. rainier photo shoot
mt. rainier national park