From Joshua Tree to Bombay Beach - Seattle Travel Photographer



First of all, welcome to the longest photo blog ever! It has been really hard for me to narrow these images down.

This trip was truly amazing, a fast and furious three day trip! We started wit horse back riding in L.A. I try to go on a horse back ride whenever I can, good for the soul. Next we got in the car and cruised out to the JT for some sunset photos. If you follow me on Instagram - you can see these trips happening on my story.

We arrived to our airbnb kind of late, but the surrounding properties had all sorts of cool spots for shooting.

seattle fine art photographer
California Wedding Photographer
Joshua Tree Photographer
dawndra budd photography

Next- We ventured out to a place called Garth’s Boulder Garden - love this place!

The people here were lovely. Including Garth himself. They take donations to stay afloat so if you go, throw them some cash. There is a little man- made hot spring nestled in the rocks by a sauna. AMAZING. A sweet dog took us on a guided walk through the boulders. FOR REAL.

There were dead trees, my favorite. This place was one of the coolest places I have ever been.

Joshua Tree

Next-we just cruised around the Joshua Tree - stopping places that looked promising for photos and light. It was HOT. Our end goal for the night besides the Joshua Tree Saloon of course - was to be at Arch Rock Trail for sunset.

If you have Spotify - HERE is our desert playlist- CRUCIAL to any road trip for me.

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Mission accomplished at the Arch Rock Trail and the Joshua Tree Saloon (Pappy and Harriets were closed but we love both places)

Now it was time to wake up and head out to the SALTON SEA for our last night. If you don’t know the history of the Salton Sea or Bombay Beach it is SO worth checking out!

We walked around Bombay Beach when we arrived…we went in and out of the abandoned trailers in total awe of the place. It was VERY cool and had a sort of crazy vibe. There were hardly any humans in sight.

Shooting here in Salton City where we stayed was intense. The ground was crunchy on top and mushy underneath. It was HOT. It smelled like dead fish and sulfur. We lasted as long as we could, but I’m not going to lie, that heat and smell were rough.

planet of the apes

I finally got to show my love for the 1968 Planet of the Apes film that I love so much….

Joshua Tree Photography
Salton Sea Photography
dawndra budd photography

I had my eyes on the prize for sunset photos - this creepy swing set that was out in the water. When we arrived - the sunset was INCREDIBLE. I was blown away by the still water of the sea. We reached the parking lot and grabbed all of the gear and dresses and when we got to the view of the swing set - we were literally devastated when we saw that there was a music video being filmed RIGHT WHERE I WANTED TO BE. Right in front of the swing set. They had all the gear - SUV’s were surrounding them, the full deal. We slowly walked toward the swing. We didn’t have time to relocate. The sun was setting. We decided we would be annoying and just shoot right next to them. You only live but one time, and I may never be here again.


Bombay- Beach-California-Photographer

I’ve included a little slideshow below of Bombay Beach to give you a sense of it - but we totally ran out of time to see some other cool stuff, so I must go back!


Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you are inspired to visit these beautiful places!

And thank you to these two lovely amazing woman who helped me make some of the best work I BELIEVE I have ever made. Obviously I couldn’t have done it without you!

And thank you to these two lovely amazing woman who helped me make some of the best work I BELIEVE I have ever made. Obviously I couldn’t have done it without you!

Destination-wedding- photographer

More than Human - Seattle Mermaid Photographer

What an honor to watch these beautiful strong females to morph into something more than human. Watch with me…..

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seattle mermaid
seattle mermaid photographer
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Healing in Iceland - Seattle and Iceland Photographer

What can I even say about this trip to Iceland?

Magical. Mystical. I felt more alive and creative there. Many epiphany’s were had during this visit. Too many to list, so I will just bomb you with photos from the trip instead.

Northern Lights Iceland
Icelandic horse
Iceland Photographer
Iceland Photography
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Iceland Photo shoot
Iceland Photographer
Seattle fine art photographer
Iceland Adventure
Seattle Conceptual photographer
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Dawndra Budd Art Therapy
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Sedona Arizona and the Superstition Mountains

I took a quick trip to Sedona, Arizona for a few days to visit a friend and make some art. I didn’t pack much but a few dresses with my gear on the plane, so we headed to Clear Creek Trading post to grab a few items for the shoot, and for my friends new house.

I also needed to to go see the Superstition Mountains - I stayed in Mesa for two nights. Before my quick photo shoot, I hit the old Goldfield Ghost Town across the way and bought some jewelry. It was really interesting, but I love that kind of stuff. I’m a sucker for anything old.

And then I hopped on a horse for a guided horseback ride through the foothills. HEAVEN!

I really didn’t have time to hike on this trip, so I met an old friend at Lost Dutchman State Park and we had about 30 minutes to shoot at sunset. A coyote walked by and took pause.

sedona arizona photoshoot
animal mask photography
sedona arizona photographer
Arizona Photographer
Sedona Photographer
Arizona Photographer
Lost Dutchman State Park Photography
Mesa Arizona Photographer
superstition mountains
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L.A actress meets Seattle Photographer for a conceptual shoot at Rattlesnake Lake, Washington

Sheila Houlahan has been seen on stage and screen around the world. Her most notable credits include performing the music of A. R. Rahman with the Seattle Symphony as the headliner female vocal soloist for the Celebrate Asia!  Pretty amazing right? Well I get to work with her from time to time when she is visiting from L.A. to Seattle.

Here is what we did last time…..

This is the story of the Wandering Pagan.

Rattlesnake Lake Surreal Photoshoot
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L.A. actress photoshoot
rattlesnake lake photo shoot
Sheila Houlahan

Lake Tipsoo Washington Photo shoot

On our drive to Lake Tipsoo in the glorious Mt. Rainier national park, we talked of the world coming to an end. Sounds dismal, right?

We believe in climate change, animal rights, the beauty of nature. This shoot was a cry for help. Stop the man from taking you away from us.

lake tipsoo washington
dawndra budd photography
Mt. Rainier Photo shoot
lake tipsoo washington
dawndra budd
mt. rainier photo shoot
mt. rainier national park