Photographing in my very own neighborhood.... - West Seattle Conceptual Photographer

I am so grateful to live where I live, in the great West Seattle. My “studio” often lies within just 3 miles or less from my place. How lucky am I?

The closest spot- Inside my apartment building.

First we can get ready at my tiny space, and walk outside the door for a few images.


I love alleys.

These first few images are just a walk across the street from my place and then we just wander through all of the alleyways and use a number of really cool backdrops. They might be surrounded by garbage cans or cars, but you would never know it.

seattle- family- photographer

Schmitz Preserve Park.

This is one of my favorite places on earth. For real. Old growth trees, not a lot of people, slight witchy vibe. It’s about 2 miles away from me.


Alki Beach.

We all know I love some water. Alki Beach is about a 4 minute drive from my place. I am full of gratitude for these beautiful photo spots right in my backyard.

aliki-beach-west -seattle

Joshua Tree National Park Photo Mission - Joshua Tree Photographer

Strength in numbers.

Getting together to be creative and spend quality time is my absolute happy place. The four of us girls met up in L.A. and went for a drive out to Joshua Tree. The first thing we did was the Integratron. You guys, THIS WAS AMAZING. DO IT DO IT DO IT. Totally worth the hype. And what an amazing thing to do before two days of driving and shooting. We also- of course hit Pappy and Harriets and we saw Dr. Dog perform he was great!

The theme of our weekend that I think seeped into the photographs, aliens. It was partly just being in that place, it was like we could feel the aliens trying to abduct us. It added to the story when I found what appeared to be an alien spider crawling - more like clicking - across the kitchen floor. Beware of the big alien looking CAMEL SPIDER - but know that it is not poisonous and don’t kill it! Just scream like a bitch like me and then make your friends or family get it outside.

Now might be the time to tell you that while we were getting out of the car to shoot at the Cholla Cactus garden, our car FILLED UP WITH BEES. Yes it’s real. LOTS AND LOTS OF BEES. Getting rid of them was a total bitch (thank you HOPE) So keep your windows up, those bees are thirsty! One flew down into my boot! Luckily I did the right thing and froze, and my girls slowly unzipped my boot to let the bee free. Also Erin stepped on a cactus that stuck through her shoe and into her foot- this can be dangerous! It can get infected. BE VERY CAREFUL WHERE YOU STEP!

Well, that concludes the highlights of this Joshua Tree trip. Thank you for reading!

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