More than Human - Seattle Mermaid Photographer

What an honor to watch these beautiful strong females to morph into something more than human. Watch with me…..

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Escape to the Coast - Cannon Beach Oregon Photographer

“Escape to the Coast” was a photography retreat hosted by Teresa Vic, She had some wonderful hosts as well. Julie G Photography and Kristy at My Artistic Journey(obsessed) were great! Thank you ladies!

I had been following Teresa for a few years … and she was the reason why I was there, the rest was a bonus! I got to bring my own model on the trip so that was AMAZING thank you ALEXANDRA you are a DOLL.

AND - I also got to sneak in two photo shoots on my own outside of the retreat time. This first photo was a mini 15 minute session on the beach- that was cut short by a storm - but this is one of my favorite images I have ever made of all time. Cheers to last minute spontaneous shooting.

I feel so lucky to have met a few other amazing inspiring photographers as well. This is what I need. BAD.

Ali Limon empowers woman and is a natural artist and teacher.

Wit and Whimsey Creative takes family photos that speak to my soul.

Flint and Feather Photography - her work is STUNNING and I want to be her new best friend.

I now realize there are too many to list! But this trip was inspiring and somehow changed me. Not sure how yet……

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Canon Beach Oregon
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Steph Pate was my roomie and a total sweetie. Also a talented artist- check it out.

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This beauty has a killer shop for kids clothes! FORD AND WYATT

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Destination wedding photographer

April C Photo thank you for being my model for a minute and blessing the world with your beautiful images.

Ghost World - Seattle Fine Art Photographer

“The more unknowable the mystery, the more beautiful it is.”

David Lynch

I am so happy this shoot came together the way it did. We had originally envisioned one ghost sister in white and one in black, and we loved this look so much we saved that other idea for another shoot (stay tuned) The girls did their own make up which was AMAZING. We used these wigs they bought for this shoot - and a couple of dresses and dead things from my closet- and then we stepped out onto the ghost world.


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Becoming Beatrice

This was the introduction of a very important character in my life, BEATRICE.

I did not know until this shoot if the images would come across as “funny” or not, which is not exactly what I am going for.

Erin is the perfect model to introduce Beatrice with, because my Beatrice embodies ANIMAL RIGHTS, and my friend Erin is vegan. I fact, half of what Erin and I talk about is animal rights, no joke.

We shot this at a park in Tacoma WA. Erin and I stopped by UXC (my favorite vintage clothing store) and I scored this dress that matched the barn and background so well (first photo) for 35 bucks. I love that place.

To make this the perfect trip to Tacoma, we enjoyed some awesome vegan dinner after our shoot at TOP OF TACOMA- a killer dive bar with good food. The next morning we drove to Olympia to Wolf Haven where Erin volunteers so I could take a tour and listen to the wolves howl. The place is amazing. I strongly recommend either a visit or a donation.

From Beatrice to you all, have a wonderful day, and eat some tofu please.

becoming beatrice
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Double Exposures - Dawndra's way.

You guys, there are a few different ways to do this. I do my double exposures in post and I use Photoshop. The simpler the image the better. Keep in mind using a simple background is helpful. Usually, double exposures work best as profile shots if your doing a portrait. Remember- always break the rules.

I lay two images on top of each other in PS - and then either using SCREEN mode or NORMAL mode and turning down the opacity until it looks right. I take out any distracting stuff on peoples faces with the clone stamp. The hardest part (for me) is finding two images that fit!

I know that you can get way deeper and more complicated than this, believe me! But this is my simple process.

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The Queen Astray. Rattlesnake Ledge Washington

Is she lost or did she run away? What is she running from? Is she searching freedom from the confines of her world?

I love working with Alexandra. Shes energetic, fun, she brings so much energy to the room. I actually considered her somewhat of a friend right after our first shoot.

For this one, we climbed above Rattlesnake Lake to Rattlesnake Ledge and shot for maybe 30 minutes. IT WAS FREEZING! The drive is just 45 minutes from Seattle, and the hike is an hour up. The hike, although only an hour, is relatively painful. For real it sounds easy but it is a punisher- I love it!

We imagined she had escaped from the confines of marriage and a place that would not let her be free and grow as a woman.

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