Tacoma model and jewelry artist makes my heart skip a beat

This Tacoma based Jewelry Artist just blew my mind on her web page Squirrel Vs Coyote manifesto so I will just show you the quote and you can feel the love as well. Also I would love to share with you some of the images we have made together to showcase her art, and mine. Forces Combined, along side talented make up artist Codee Bradley (check out her insta!)

Squirrel Vs Coyote Manifesto:

“We’ve been drafted to fight in a war between good and evil. 

We’re not just the army, we’re the fight itself. We’re the people of color. The women. The non-binary. The queer. The immigrants. The assault survivors. The disabled. The environmental advocates. And we’re currently fighting for our lives.

But if we have to go to war, we’re not going unprotected.

We’re going dressed in chainmaille. Draped in metal plates with two words stamped deep: “Fuck. You.” A message to our enemies and a reminder to ourselves: the rage we’ve directed inward is being returned to its rightful owner. We’re entering the arena wearing headdresses made of scales. Revealing to our opponents that when they called us snakes, they created dragons.

Despite this display, it will be our enduring humanity that disarms our rivals most. Our radical authenticity that exposes them as cowards. Unyielding self-respect that reclaims our authority.

It's more than a simple accessory. We're empowering soldiers.”

I love this and I also love that Alexis won a spot in Beautiful Bizarre Magazines top 100 wearable art designers

What an honor to work with this crew! I pinch myself.

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