Conceptual shoot with dawndra

Want a conceptual shoot? LOVE IT! Here’s how it works.

I’m going to give total honesty and disclosure here because so many people ask to “work for trade” or “play” or for whatever reason feel obliged to ask for this experience to be gifted to them. Please know that I am not complaining about this. I appreciate knowing that people want to work with me or enjoy my work at all. I am full of gratitude when it applies to anyone encouraging me to keep doing my art. Believe it. Also know that empowering and working with other artists is a dream for me. I would love to work with you. But it is worth something besides my time at this stage of the game and I value myself as much as I value my business. If you’re still reading this, we can begin our adventure.

Tell me about yourself and what you envision or hope for with our shoot. Keep in mind you may have to buy something or bring something to wear- and I would love to help style you. I may just have a dress for you (to the ladies) You will possibly get uncomfortable, dirty, wet, stand in the water, hold a smoke bomb, be seen doing the seemingly ridiculous to anyone who walks by. You will come out feeling braver, more empowered, part of an art project, and excited.

Prices start at 1100.00 for a 90 minute conceptual shoot.

Fashion shoots or otherwise-

Half day begins at 2,000

Full day rate begins 4000.00